If you walk with Krishna, you will never experience anxiety.

By : 
Bhakta Robert, Brunswick NC

I have received a nice study course on the Bhagavad-Gita and japa mala beads. I have been chanting Hare Krsna on rosary beads. I enjoy chanting and I chant every day. Chanting definitely connects me to the eternal source of enlightenment and bliss. This source is Krishna. Krishna is the supreme personality of Godhead.

The essence and total foundation of all religion is to be found in Krsna consciousness. Krsna consciousness uplifts humanity and generations, true peace for everyone that becomes a part of it.

If a person walks with Krishna, that person will never experience anxiety or turmoil. The inner peace that results from worshiping Krishna is spirituality at its highest point. Vegetarianism is the natural outgrowth of a genuine and humane spirituality. Killing innocent animals can never be justified. Gambling, gossiping, speaking profanity, eating meat or doing alcohol/cigarettes/drugs can never be justified. Things which impede and slow down spiritual realization should be avoided in all situations. In this age of Kali (Age of Quarrel and Confusion), a practicing Hare Krishna has the good fortune of being able to help deliver peace to the world. The overall love of Krishna embraces a beautiful philosophy that allows a person to see beyond the concept of separation. All of the violence, wars, hate, racism, etc. can be traced to a person's detachment from their spiritual source (Krishna). I definitely know that Krishna consciousness is the true spiritual path because of the pure happiness that I have received by chanting the maha-mantra.