No Longer Deceived

By : 
Bhakta Gerald, Graceville, Florida

“Although I was born in 1956, I was never anything more than remotely aware of Krsna. A long time ago, in a prison chapel, a Christian prisoner burst in with George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord” on cassette tape. The prisoner made his case against demonic lyrics in rock music as subliminal psychological manipulation, when he suddenly announced, “Aha! Listen to this!” and proceeded playing the tape so the background singers suddenly changed from “Hallelujah” to “Hare Krsna”. We had all loved that tune and sung along. We were all guilty of sin and going to burn in hell!
Decades later, in prison in Florida, I met a man named Carl who had been a Krsna devotee for many years before his incarceration, and remained so. He gave me the maha-mantra and told me it was like pudding; that I could taste it merely by chanting it. So I went to my cell and chanted the mantra. As I chanted, I realized who God is. It blew my Christian mind of 50 years of what I later learned in reading Srila Prabhupada’s books to be the thinking of Mayavadis. I realized I had been deceived and deluded, but suddenly simply by chanting Hare Krsna my life could truly be sublime, and it has been ever since. Haribol!
I thank Krsna for His causeless mercy and for letting me find the sweetness of His pudding.”