The Saving Grace of Krsna Consciousness

By : 
Bhakti-lata Dasi

Hare Krsna, dear devotees,
Every day, as I read inmates letters, I want to share with all of you the miracles Lord Caitanya works in the heart of the inmates, through Srila Prabhupada’s books and the chanting of the holy name. Each book and BTG that is sent to one inmate is passed along to many others, potentially to be read by dozens of inmates, shining the light of knowledge in the darkest of places.
Below are some nectar quotes from recent letters testifying to the purifying power of Krsna consciousness.

“What a privilege to obtain these BTGs. I pour over the words avidly and I now put some of the illustrations on my wall. I am adorning a corner for an altar. Thank you.”
Peterborough, England

“Once I surrendered and did what the Lord told me to do in BG 18.66, I discovered Lord Krsna will take away whatever negative “feeling” I experience. And I continue to learn that I’m part and parcel of Him—that He is the enjoyer, that I’m actually His—Brahman, Paramatma, Bhagavan—and the more I understand this, the more equipoised I become which absolutely critical in an environment like this [in prison]. I just pray that Lord Caitanya will bless me, when I get to my “final” prison, with the presence of another prison Bhakta whom I may offer humble obeisances to. I’m still working on being “silent”—that is only speaking when I can lead the conversation to KC. Taming the tongue is a tough one—but I’m leaps and bounds better than I was 2 years ago.”
Bhakta Richard
San Bernardino, CA

“I also study the books you were so kind to send me. In fact, I study and read a LOT. I admit, though, that some of the Lord’s pastimes are strange to my western mind. I try not to enter into speculation, and accept it as it is written, but it is difficult. My thought is that these things are not for me to understand at this time; more will be revealed to me as I progress on this path. For now, my work is to chant, read and study, pray, and keep to the Regs.”
Iowa Park, TX

“I’ve searched deeply within many religions for the ancient wisdom that lies within their scriptures and traditions, looking for the answers that many fear to know; “Who is the true creator?”, “What is our true purpose?”, “How did we come into existence?”, “What happens after the body dies?, etc. I am one of the seekers of truth. Here I can feel my place in Krsna consciousness. I can feel my full potential coming to the fullness of its purpose. But I know I will need study and experience to complete my balance.”
Helena, Georgia

“I have discovered, quite by accident (or Krsna’s kindness) a guard who is a devotee, but I am not permitted to discuss personal matters with staff. She will occasionally tell me, “Hare Krsna,” very quietly in the hall as we pass, and for that much, I am grateful to the Lord. But, other than that, I suppose I am the sole devotee here. That makes your association even more valuable to me.
In your letter you included a picture of Lord Nrsimhadeva. Your timing could not be more perfect. I have been increasingly interested in this incarnation of the Lord lately. I feel drawn to Him. Perhaps it is His strength. I do not know.”
Bhakta Mark
Iowa Park, TX

“I am find it easier to talk about Lord Sri Krsna to people. It used to be hard but after reading my Bhagavad Gita over and over, it’s made it easier.”
Bhakta Justin
Menard, IL

Krishna Is
Ever Fresh: Original Dark Cowherd with His Flute.
Each Universal Tree Complete: of course He is the Root.
Service Rendered Out of Love: the All-Attractive Lord.
Constant Focus Bhakti Blessed: No Time To Feel Bored.
Chant and Dance Plus Cook and Clean: His Pleasure Humble: Meek
The Ganges Water Filters Down Great Mercy There To Seek.
Jan Holmstrom
Napa, CA

“I’m currently in a maximum security prison. My name is Casey Adams. I am housed in a special management unit where no books or magazines are allowed but the guy next door to my cell as a subscription to “Back to Godhead” magazine. I don’t know where or how he got them, but I’ve never been moved by words in my life. I’m currently not eating meat and chanting the Hare Krsna mantra. Some of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada’s words have inspired me in a special way.”
Bishopville, SC

Please consider becoming a transcendental pen-pal for one inmate. Preaching to others keeps our own realizations fresh and it transforms their lives.

HELP! This month, we do not have enough laksmi to send the BTGs to the inmates. I have 70 BTGs in envelopes, with the addresses on, sitting there, and I am praying that you may be inspired to help me send them out; we need $130 to do so. Will you be the fortunate one to reach out and get the spiritual benefit for sending the BTGs this month?

Please contact Bhakti-lata Dasi at:

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