Dearest Srila Prabhupada

By : 
Jason Matthew

I think about the time when you arrived
In this country
The modes of passion and ignorance
How they thrived

By steamship
After suffering two heart attacks
Come Your Divine Grace

To this Western paradise of illusion
One of affluence
Such an abominable place
Alone struggling against the elements
With Lord Sri Krsna guiding and protecting
Your desire only to preach
The sublime message of Krsna-bhakti
Vedic knowledge
kindly beckoning all to hear
Your sweet voice
As you set forth
To compassionately teach
Your causeless mercies
Upon us so terribly lost
Some unable to surrender
In material energy
Still Your Divine Grace
Earnestly endeavored
To give
No matter the cost
Sacrificing your body
Your life
Thinking not of personal health
Of fame
Power of prestige
Caring not at all
For any type of material wealth
All for Krsna's glory
Establishing all around the world
Spiritual centers
An International Society
A family
For the good of all humanity
To uplift the fallen
Strengthen the strong
You are Krsna's very pure devotee
Eternally liberated
Doing no wrong
The transcendental order
Your Guru Maharaj
Faithfully caring it out
Weathering many difficulties
Never did you despair
Waver in any doubt
So it is today
Forty-four years later
That someone
Insignificant and unworthy as I
Thinks of Your Divine Grace
Physically alone
In a prison cell
Reading your books
Submissively hearing
Meditating with purpose
On what you say
Sometimes I fall on my knees
Crying out from the depths of my heart
Tearing flowing from my eyes
Forever thankful
Indebted to Your Divine Grace
Srila Prabhupada
Here I am humbly begging for some service
For you
O grandfather Gurudeva
I deeply desire to please

An Aspiring Servant of the Servant of the Servant
Of the Supreme Lord Sri Krsna,

Bhakta Jason