By : 
Jan Holmstrom

To realize one is spirit
Not merely flesh and blood
Pure love for sweet Lord Krishna
That's Lord Chaitanya's flood.

That service and devotion
His Holiness and grace
Unbounded mercy flowing
To every land and race.

Identity means servant
The master He's so kind
His followers are many
The lame and even blind.

This age of Kali-yuga
One perfect sacrifice
To congregate and sing
The Maha-mantra nice.

The Hare Krishna music folks
Their public demonstrations
That Bhakti-yoga happiness
Eliminates frustrations.

Ecstatic dancers many
Huge feasts without a fee
Great transcendental scriptures
Like gifts upon a tree.

A priceless treasure mantra great
No fee or charge or tax
And anyone can come take part
With bliss up to the max!

Hearing Hare Krishna
Chanting Hari bol
Sing the names forever
Never let Them go.

The all-attractive Master
Lord Krishna friend and son
His mother and his father
They help Him have His fun.

Out to the fresh green pasture
His Brother and the boys
The cows and calves all happy
No industry or noise.

Sometimes They play on bugle horns
At other times a flute
And all the milkmaid Gopis
Think no one is as cute.

Surrender and Devotion
Sweet Radha's shelter strong
She captivates Govinda
Her loving heart a song.

Eternal life no sadness
Each moment higher still
To realize the greatest
Unbounded love fulfill.