Appreciation of IPM

IPM can make a life changing difference in a prisoner’s life
“Please know that the work you are doing is so very significant. It can make a life changing difference in a prisoner’s life. These teachings are so powerful. Just reading this material seems to elevate my consciousness. How much more so, practicing and applying the principles?
I am so grateful that you folks are still able to help.”
Robert Harrington
Sneads, Florida

Chanting Helps me Stay Centered
“I like to chant and I chant 4 rounds. Chanting helps me stay centered. This is such a nice service you are doing for Krsna by writing to others.”
Gordon David Shaw
Salem, Oregon

can make a life changing difference in a prisoner’s life
“Please know that the work you are doing is so very significant. It can make a life changing difference in a prisoner’s life. These teachings are so powerful. Just reading this material seems to elevate my consciousness. How much more so, practicing and applying the principles? I am so grateful that you folks are still able to help.”
Robert Harrington
Sneads, Florida

Thank You for the Books
“Hare Krsna! I hope this finds you and yours in bright spirit and doing well. Thank you for the books, Chanting Hare Krsna and The Definitive Guide to Practicing KC in Prison, and especially for How to give a good class pamphlet. I’m excited about the new chapel. We have it wired with surround sound; we’re almost finished! More later.” (The chapel is the only place where inmates can view the Prabhupada DVDs IPM send them. They also gather in groups to have Krsna conscious programs.)
Bhakta Gary Griffin, Portland, OR

Thanks to Your Help, This is Finally Possible
"Bhakta James and I watched "The Hare Krsna People" on the "Your Ever Well-Wisher" DVD. James really liked seeing that. For almost 2 years I've promised him DVDs that show he and I aren't the only people in this world who worship Krsna. Thanks to your help, this is finally possible. Thank you so much.
I was moved from E Dorm to B, which has three times as many

people, more violence, and thievery, and more souls to preach to. On a consistent basis I try to remember Krsna, yet fail again and again, but keep trying. It was a hard thing for me to comprehend Krsna, but thanks to Carl Sheppard [another inmate] not giving up on me, I finally got God’s mercy.”
Bhakta Gerald Niles, Daytona Beach, FL

I Am Eternally Grateful
“I simply want to say that I pray Krishna will always bless the work you do. I for one am eternally grateful to all members of IPM. You have no idea how deeply you have impacted my life. I really am unable to express it in words. All I can say is thank you. Haribol! Countless bows, Bhakta Ricky"
Ricky Jones, Huntsville, TX

These Walls Would be Very Bleak
"I have received your gift in the mail. It is very welcome and very much

appreciated. Without IPM and the seva of IPM volunteers these walls would be very bleak indeed. Bringing the Light of Truth of our Lord Sri Krishna is the greatest single

thing anyone has ever done for me, and I have IPM to thank for it. A thousand blessings upon you all, and may the next year bring even more souls to the lotus feet of our Lord. Hare Krishna. Your obedient servant.”
Bhakta Mark Davis, Iowa Park, TX

Humbled by Your Gift
“Hare Krsna. Please accept my humblest obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
Once again I am humbled by your gift. My appreciation is seated deep within. I really am at a loss for words. Every day the Lord blesses me in so many ways. I devour all reading material.
Clayton Selvia, Milton, FL

Indebted to IPM
“IPM has brought me out of a world of misery. I am greatly indebted to you and your program. Upon my release I hope I am able to give back a portion of what has been offered to me. All glories to IPM!”
Bhakta Dan, Rifle, Co

Thankful for Prabhupada's Vani
“The association and support that the ministry provides is deeply appreciated I assure you. I am re-reading Memories vol. 1. Having never had the opportunity for any vapuh association with Srila Prabhupada, it is wonderful to get his vani association from those who did. When I read it, I sometimes laugh and sometimes cry. I feel like I know him a little bit from having read the Memories books.”
Bhakta Carl, Chipley, Florida

Reading the Gita Over and Over
“I would like to say thank you for everything that you have helped me with. I appreciate it so very much, and thank you for showing me the way to our sweet Lord Krsna. Thank you for the recent Back to Godhead magazine; I enjoyed every article in it.
I also appreciate the books you sent. They sure have helped me in my spiritual life. The Gita is my favorite; I’ve already read it cover to cover three times and I’ve just started it for the fourth time. All I do with my time is read and chant; I rarely watch any T.V. It’s all garbage on the screen.”
Bhakta Charles, Leavenworth, Kansas

Krsna Provides a Way for the Sincere Soul
“I can’t say how much I appreciate it. I read the Bhagavatam in two days though I will reread it and meditate on selections as is the usual procedure. It’s part of my daily ritual.
I’m becoming much more disciplined and I’m seeing results again. While I regret that I haven’t been memorizing a lot of passages I do still constantly reflect on their meaning.
In regards to your service with IPM - it is important to me on so many levels I really can’t begin to describe it all so I will just say “thank you” and thank Krsna that when someone sincerely desires knowledge

He provides a way for us to come to Him! He says whatever our faith He makes it strong and I pray He puts faith in me and makes it ever stronger.
I chant Japa quite a bit more but sometimes I forget to do other stuff but I am feeling a lot of beneficial effects already! A lot less anger or apprehension over the future etc. When I say I forget stuff I mean I do more japa than reading lately. I’ll probably read my Bhagavatam this afternoon in the sunset light. It’s a good time of day for me.
Yes, it’s true we never are factually in control of our lives at any time. Even if we are strong or fortunate it is a gift from the source of strength and fortune personified - Krsna. That’s why He can and does take care of us - like Christ says “put your cares on me.” Krsna says He’ll take care of us and bring us to Him without a doubt! As a side note I find I understand Jesus and the Gospels much better after studying Prabhupada’s writings. For example the shining Visnudutas’ four arms compare with descriptions of angels in the Bible, etc. But I have no doubt that the Gita and Bhagavatam have the truth undiluted in them - Hare Krsna!!”
Bhakta Ken, Corcoran, CA

Engulfed in the Pastimes of Lord Krsna
“First I want to thank you for the books. I have received them in great honor. I am currently engulfed in the pastimes of Lord Krsna, His words and instructions. I feel so wonderful just reading His words, knowing that His words are no different from Himself. I must say that now (after reading some cantos of Srimad-Bhagavatam) I feel the need to read the whole collection; this is just wonderful. I am elated and my spirits have been lifted. Thank you so much.”
Bhakta Gregory, Reidsville, Georgia

My Heart is Moved
“My dear brothers and sisters, with a humble heart I would like to express my deepest appreciation for the reading materials that you sent me. From the moment that I received the materials I immediately started to read them. I truly enjoy this divine wisdom; my heart is moved with great inspiration when I read the words of Srila Prabhupada. These sacred teachings resonate with my soul. They help me stay focused on my highest goal in life which is to devote myself to Krishna and service Him through my thoughts, words, and deeds. Again I am most grateful for your love, kindness, and generosity.
As I was going through the pages of Back To Godhead Magazine my heart was moved by the love and purity that I am able to see in the faces of our brothers and sisters who are following the path of Krsna Consciousness. My highest goal in life is to reach that state of love and purity so that I can devote my life fully to the Supreme Lord. At the core of my being there is a deep yearning for the highest truth and to be able to live in that state. I can honestly say that I feel very fortunate to have great people as yourself in my life. People who offer their lives to uplift other souls to a state of Krsna Consciousness.
Back in 1996 the State of Michigan sentence me to life in prison but out of this whole experience something great exploded within my being. Throughout the last few years many great changes have taken place in my life. Even though my physical body is in this prison I can honestly say that deep within my soul I have discovered a greater freedom compared to the so-called freedom that I once had in the outside world. What I once considered a nightmare it turned out to be a blessing for me. I feel blessed in every aspect of life. Deep inside I feel divine love, serenity, and bliss. I truly feel great freedom in my heart.”
Bhakta Julio, Muskegon, Michigan

I miss Swami Prabhupada's words so much.
Dear Mother Shyama Priya, Hare Krishna!
Thank you so much for the Jan/Feb copy of BTG! It was such a pleasant surprise. I am your servant and God-child. I am a 45 year old aspiring devotee of Lord Krsna, but recently I have not been studying or chanting as I should. I think it is by Krsna's mercy that you sent your letter and the BTG.
I hope you can help me as I want to get back on the right track, studying Krsna Consciousness and chanting the Holy Name.
A few months ago I was moved around in the system and much of my personal property was lost by corrections staff. All of my treasured books by Swami Prabhupada are gone. I am still angry, but I want to start over.
Mother Shyama Priya, please, if you can send me a copy of the Bhagavad-Gita As It Is and any other Krsna Conscious books you may be able to send. I can receive both hard and soft cover books, up to 4 books at a time. I miss Swami Prabhupada's words so much. Please help me in my endeavor. I am a very serious student. I have about four years left to serve on my sentence. I do not want to waste another moment of this time.
I enjoyed so much the BTG. Please, if you can send me a copy from time to time. I would be so very grateful. Or, if there are any old or damaged copies available, I would be so thankful to receive them.
Thank you for what you are doing for prisoners. I know you must work very hard in your ministry. Please know you are loved and appreciated. Krsna gives people wonderful hearts of compassion. Most folks couldn't care less about rascals like myself, who wind up in these places. But through the Grace of the Guru, Swami Prabhupada and Krsna's endless mercy we have opportunity to know the truth about ourselves, God and the way out of this prison of material existence.
I am so glad that you sent your letter and the BTG. It showed me clearly that Krsna is not letting me go, that He is close and wants me to love and serve Him.
I'll close for now with the hope of hearing from you soon. Please know that any material you send will be profoundly appreciated and put to the fullest use. May Lord Krsna bless, guide and protect you. Your Humble Servant,
Bhakta R.