In memory of Shyama Priya

By : 
Bhakta Abner, Madras, Oregon


     The prison has allowed us to donate to the “Relay For Life” program by the American Cancer Foundation in any one of the following ways: in honor of a cancer survivor, in memory of one who hasn’t survived it and in association with groups and/or care providers. A 4x5 inch placard or a 5 inch round circle placard is used and put up on the wall in the visiting room and includes the donor’s name and the person memorialized or honored. So, there’s a placard that reads: In memory of Mataji Syama-Priya Devi Dasi and we just saw it tonight! It’s almost perfectly centered on the wall at about head height. I’m also going to donate $ 10 in association with the Gaudiya Vaisnava of New Raman Reti, who cared for Mataji Syama Priya Devi Dasi, devotees of Sri Sri Radha Krsna, one and all.