Moundsville, West Virginia---November 2011

By : 
Gaura Nataraj Dasa


Hare Krishna, dear Chandramauli Maharaja,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

     Our prison preaching in Moundsville began in November 2011. Two prisoners who were in contact with H.G. Chandrasekar prabhu contacted the New Vrindavan temple. H.G. Malati prabhu got the message from the Chaplain and then asked my humble self if I could conduct the program. Getting a chance to preach I jumped upon the opportunity and started a satsang program once a week in the Northern Correctional Facility in Moundsville, WV. 

     We start with a kirtan, One round japa and then have a class on the Bhagavad-Gita. The devotees in the prison were very enthusiastic and were very appreciative of our program. Some of them knew New Vrindavan very well and couple of them actually had participated in the temple activities in the past. Hence they were very enthusiastic to meet the devotees again. Their joy was worth the effort.

     One thing I noticed was that the inmate bhaktas were only able to chant the Prabhupada tune “Hare Krishna”, they could not chant any other tune. But they were very blissful, that gave me a deep realization that this tune was something special and anyone could chant.

     The Chaplain of the facility was a very open person and encouraged us and told us that even if we have only one person we would still continue the program although we have regularly about 8 people.

     I explained to the chaplain that our program is not complete without prasadam . The Chaplain worked hard to let prasadam in. Finally we started taking in a lot of prasadam cheese cake, waffles etc., all mahaprasadam,  which became a major part of our program. The devotees just loved the prasadam and our attendance grew on a regular basis for the prasad.  We have about 5 sincere devotees chanting 16 rounds. H.G. Nithyodita prabhu also joined in the preaching early 2012 and has been conducting some ecstatic kirtans in the prison. He sings and I make them dance in different steps. So consistently and surely we have been serving them ecstasy every morning.  H.G. Murthy prabhu has been supplying us with delicious “Simply wonderfuls” for the devotees in the prison.

     One outstanding thing about this preaching is bead bags. The devotees in the prison have started making wonderful beadbags in different colors and shapes. Some are like the regular bead bags. Some are for the prabhus  and some mataji style bead bags. So if you would like to order one please contact the New Vrindaban temple @ The Blue Home Artworks gift shop and you will get a inmate made special bead bag.  

     We hope this ecstatic program continues on a regular basis and more prisoners become devotees. Prison preaching program, Ki Jay!