September 24, 2009

By : 
Chaplain Joe T. Portugal


Thank you for your gracious donation of books and magazines and your continued support for incarcerated men, even though these difficult times. We appreciate your steadfast generosity. We work hard to put your donation’s to good use.

Again we find ourselves in great need. As the primary receiving institution for the men in the Washington State Prison System, our population is diverse and temporary, in that most inmates stays in this facility less than three months before assignment to a permanent institution.

While imprisoned many of these find strength and renewed faith while reading the Materials on Krishna and other Krishna material. We provide donated Krishna material for men who are in need. The Materials on Krishna they receive from us are taken with them to their permanent institution for continued use.

Will you please make a donation of Materials on Krishna and other Krishna materials so that we can continue to provide our Krishna population with materials to strengthen their faith?

We are also seeking volunteers in the greater Puget Sound region to work with our population here at WCC. If you have any contacts you could pass on it would be appreciated.

Thank you on behalf of Washington Corrections Center(WCC), and all of your continuing support. The men here make a point of praying for those who see and know that good comes from unlikely places, like prison. You are in our prayers.

Peace and all good,

Chaplain Joe T. Portugal
Washington Correction Center
Shelton, WA