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How I Came to Krishna

Drawn to Krsna

By : 
Bhakta Gary Griffin

It was Berkeley, California, December 1989, I was 17 years old and helping my aunt with her business and the seasonal sales boom. It was there on Telegraph Avenue, just blocks from the Stuart Street temple, that I first met devotees. At first I had as many questions about what their bright blue drum was made of and why they were dressed like they were as I did about the books they carried. After a brief conversation they invited me to the Sunday program at the temple.

My path to Krsna

By : 
Bhakta Gerald Niles

As a child in Sunday school singing “Jesus Loves Me, Yes I Know”, I was soon taught who Jesus was, but even as a little kid I’d wonder how I could possibly know Jesus loved me.

As a teenager I was in a building I wasn’t supposed to be in, and got trapped in the bathroom. The door wouldn’t open! I prayed: “Jesus, get me outta here and I’ll never come back into this building! The door then easily opened and I felt awed.

My Pilgrimage: The Indelible Etching

By : 
Bhakta Carl Sheppard

Thanks to the role played by my bighearted older brother Jerry, who convinced me, in very short order, to take the leap and start on my pilgrimage, the day I became a vegetarian is indelibly etched into me.

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