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By the Grace of ISKCON Prison Ministries

By : 
Jivananda dasa

In one of the darkest places of this nation

Comes the brightest of lights

Changing hearts in a diseased condition

Shining so transcendently bright

Ascending Path

By : 
Bhakta Randy Curtis

Lord, who will abide in Your tabernacle?

Who will dwell in Your holy hill?

The meek and the lowly need Your love,

And with it, their hearts You will fill.

A Toast to Prabhupada

By : 
Jivananda dasa

Lift your cups of nectar Prasad

And let’s have a toast.

To our pride in our wonderful guru

And Krsna let us boast.

A Journey of Transcendental Truth

By : 
Jivananda dasa

Just one of Srila Prabhupada’s little books

That got life ton a table in the yard

Like a precious jewel, someone found it

Page now dog eared; its life has been hard

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